Program to perform deposit/withdraw and other functions of a bank.

This program will take the input from user and withdraw/deposit the amount as per the liking of the user.





Program to find the number repeating maximum using classes

This is a program to find the number out of the given list of numbers which repeats the maximum no. of times.

We have predefined the numbers using array.




Program to create a saving account using class.

This is a basic c++ program to crate a saving account using class.


INPUT – time, rate of interest & balance

OUTPUT – Balance after that time.


We have to take the balance, rate of interest and time [in months] as input from user and display the balance which user will have after that time interval.




Making a table using HTML Example 2

Another example on how to make a table in html.



Making a form using HTML Example 2

Another example on making a form using HTML.



Making a form using HTML Example 1

This is a simple example on how to make a form using html attributes..



Making a table with border using html Example 1

Simple program of html to make a table.


Program to represent a bank account using class [c++]

In this program we will take assumption that user has following details:

Account Number of user=001452
Balance of user=12555

Now using this information we will make a program to perform functions through which user can:

-> Deposit Amount

-> Withdraw Amount

->  Balance Inquiry

-> User Info.




All the code has been tested using codeblocks gcc compiler.