Pay via PayPal

Payment via PayPal:

We don’t support PayPal on our website however you can still purchase EGV (Electronically Generated Voucher) through PayPal which will be applicable on our website.

How to purchase via PayPal:

  • Go to (MGL-STORE Coupons) and choose coupon(s) that match your order value
  • Purchase the coupon via PayPal and you will get the delivery on your PayPal email
  • You can now use that coupon on our website by adding the product in cart and applying the coupon received
  • Once the coupon is applied, it will change the cart value to $0.00 and you can simply proceed to checkout and click on “Place Order” to get the account details
  • Please note, multiple coupons purchased through the above platform can be applied to a single order! You just need to get the coupons equivalent to the total amount of your order


Terms and Conditions:

  • The coupon purchased will be sent to your PayPal email and in case you don’t have access to that email address, we won’t be responsible for it
  • We don’t provide any EGV on our website however you can buy it from our partner seller through the link mentioned above
  • In case of any issues in applying the EGV, you can always contact us at

Refund Policy:

  • In case the coupon is not used and time has not exceeded 24 hours from purchase, we will issue the refund in case you contact us (via live chat or email –
  • For all other cases, the refund will not be processed


Important Update as of 29th Dec 2020:
As per a recent update introduced by PayPal in November 2020 to impost a High Volume Dispute Fee (20$ per dispute), we are bound to increase
the fees for all transactions processed via PayPal. A total fee of $2.5 has been added to the cost of each coupon purchased via PayPal.
You can choose to continue payment via other payment methods (available on checkout) which will offer the same fee or else continue payment via PayPal and pay the extra fee which is already included in the coupon’s value.