Malware hack tool kits

317665-computer-malwareWhat is Malware? Malware are tools and programs that one sets up to infect another’s system and directs them somewhere else.the latest malware exploit that was created back in November 2011.
In November 2011, a nasty exploit to computers that redirected DNS Servers was created and used. This nasty virus was soon diverted by the FBI, in possibly the most friendly and fair way our government has ever done. For months now the FBI has homed servers to divert and fix what this malware program caused, but on July 9th 2012 the FBI announced ending their operation and shut down these servers. The effects have been estimated to great measures, to the fears that millions of Americans will lose connection to the internet,and the world going up in flames due to lack of communication. Since the Feds announcement corporations like Google have announced programs that have been running now since the 23rd of May. These programs scan your
computer for this DNS switcher program “aka the nasty malware program”.
Now, it is true most virus databases are able to track down and delete malware programs on your system, but in the new world with our new internet based technology, that may not be the case anymore. So what does this program do? What has been leaked out of the feds about it? Well you can rest assured our brother was arrested in November shortly after the release of his program. Due to this fact they are assured that they have fixed the problem, due to higher thinking we can only think they have over looked something.
The only thing we can hope for is that this will only affect a small handful of systems. Common users mostly. So what is malware? Malware are programs that force you to do what someone else wants. Malware programs create bot nets, using innocent peoples computers/common user systems as weapons without there knowledge. For the longest time apple users were told they wouldn’t have to worry about this issue. Late April, early May this was proven false which also made all systems at risk now.
So you’re probably wondering how one would download one of these programs,which is a really good question. Back in the dark ages, they had to be installed through third party programs from the downloads you got for games software from untrusted sources. Today, in the modern age of technology, these programs, like all viruses, can be automatically uploaded to your system through cookies and random file downloads websites through the many games we play online. Many of you readers are also at risk due to the fact IRC servers send data packets that may contain such files.
The only luck is that certain ISPs change up there DNS servers monthly, corporations like Comcast, while they do this they also release and renew IP address granting you probably the most open and free way to have anonymous web browsing at least for the first 20 minutes from the renewal.


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